Never Over You Blurb Reveal

I’m so excited to share the blurb to Never Over You, book 3 in the Never Over You series, the final installment of Mia and Ethan’s story! I’ve been working on this series of books for years and this book is the culmination of all that. And being done with it has made me just a little sad 😦

I don’t have a date for you … yet … but it will be this summer. I’m still trying to plan all those specifics out. But anyway …. the blurb!!!!


NOY Summer2015 BLURB

Strange how life deals the cards sometimes …

Life was perfect for Mia Devereux.

“You can always have me, Mia. I’m always yours. Forever, suga.”

She had everything she always wanted.

But maybe life wasn’t so perfect after all.

One event threatens her happily ever after.

Will Mia revert to her old ways of dealing with her pain?

Or will she fight?

Or will the hurt simply be too much to handle?

Can she get past the pain and recapture the life she so desperately wanted?

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What happens when you continually run from your demons?

When Mia watched Ethan walk out of her life, she did what she did best—she ran—ran from the only person who ever made her feel safe; home.

They work even harder to try and find you.

He was her everything and she let him slip away.

And when they do … they’ll come at you full force, guns blazing.

Hitting rock bottom forced Mia to stop. Now she needed to dig herself out. Figuring out how to do that required help, maybe a plan. She had to face those demons. Not an easy task when she spent her entire life running from them.

Would Ethan still be there for Mia after all was said and done? Or would she find that he had moved on? Or would he still be into her?


Rear view on a single lady going into the sea. Horizontal photo

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“Should we even be doing this?” he asked, kissing her chin. “We both know how you have a tendency to lose control when we make out.”

A laugh escaped her as she looked at him in incredulous wonder. Keep making her laugh, he thought.

“Yeah, maybe you’re right,” she said, settling back on the couch.

Until she turns the tables on me.

“Wait. Seriously?”

“I really don’t want Allie to be mad. She’ll make my life miserable. Though,” she said, tracing his lips with her finger, “I am pretty tempted.”


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