Quincy and Drew Story 1 (Part 2)

Drew rested on the bed, his arms sprawled out to his sides and the stiff sheet draped over his legs. An inopportune police drive-by had the impatient pair rethink their plans of getting naked in his SUV and instead drove off to Quincy’s hotel.

Cocking his head to the right, he saw Quincy laying quietly on her stomach beside him, her head tucked beneath his arm. Half her clothes still covered her body whereas his had been shed earlier as she worked that incredible mouth of hers all over him. In a few minutes he’d rectify her clothing situation, but first he’d let the silence permeate the room and drink her in.

From the moment Drew first talked to her on the phone six years, to that very first time he laid his eyes upon her until this moment, Quincy fascinated him. This long-distance friendship a testament to that. He had her mind for so long; now time to have her body.

“Hey, you awake?” he asked, flipping over on his side. Slowly, she turned her head, a slight smile on her face.

“I am,” she replied.

“Good.” Glancing over at her naked chest, Drew skimmed a finger along her side, the goosebumps erupting under his hand. He pushed her lightly so she’d roll over. Now facing him, her breasts were just out of reach. Needing to rectify that situation, he secured his arm around her and pulled her to him so their chests touched. Her soft flutter of a breath harmonized with his loud moan.

Drew leaned in and pressed his lips against hers, her fingers digging into his back. He increased the pressure of his kiss, slowly stoking her fire. Her hand slid down to his hip and seemed to hesitate, tapping lightly on him. He left her mouth and nudged her chin up with his nose before sucking at the smooth skin of her neck. “You were so wrong about the hour,” Quincy said, her head tilted back as his lips tasted her skin, shoulder to shoulder.

He stopped his kisses and shook his head, a smile on his face. “Come on! Give me some credit. You put my dick in your mouth. I hadn’t expected that at all.”

“I did do that,” she said proudly.

“Keep it up and you’ll do it again.”

Quincy barked out a laugh and in retaliation, he pushed her onto her back, his hands finding the fastening of her jeans. Kneeling at her waist, he felt her eyes locked on him as he toyed with the button before popping it through the hole. “I think it’s really unfair that I’m the only naked one in this bedroom,” he said as he pulled the small zipper down, revealing nothing but more skin.

“I hate being unfair,” she said playfully, lifting her bottom off the bed as he slid her pants down her long legs, quickly throwing them behind him and returning his hands to her limbs, his eyes focused on what was between them.

Fuck, the need to touch … taste … had Drew scrambling to her, his lips attacking hers in a fierce kiss. When his fingers glided across her hot, smooth skin, his queen bee moaned so softly. He parted her before sliding one finger inside her warmth, making her hips shoot up to greet his hand. When he added another finger, she gasped against his lips and her fingers dug into his back, begging him for more. He’d give her that and then some. Her moans urged him on, he could tell she was close.

He broke the kiss, his lips resting on her cheek. “What do you want?”

“You know what I want,” Quincy said breathlessly, her hands grabbing his ass.

“Tell me,” he demanded, his teeth tugging on her ear.

She moved against him. “What’s with all this talking?” she asked, trying to slide her hand between their body.

“Tell me,” he repeated, moving out of her reach. She was testing his patience. Why wouldn’t she just tell him what she wanted?

Quincy sat up and playfully pushed him back to the bed. He didn’t resist … he wanted to see where this would go. Moving to her hands and knees, he regarded her, noticing the way her breasts hung, wanting desperately to slip beneath her and do all kinds of things to them, and sucking on her nipples the number one item on that list.

She slowly crawled on top of him. This wouldn’t be a bad start, he thought, as she grazed his chest with her soft, smooth tits. It got better when her heat seared his stomach. Just a little lower, he wishfully thought. Quincy must have been reading his mind because inch by inch she slid down and when she bumped into his erection, she stopped.

What the fuck! No, no, no. Don’t stop, he thought, opening his eyes to find her smiling wickedly down at him. This is not a game. He needed to be inside of her.

“You have five seconds to put my dick inside of you … if not, I’m gonna do it for you.”

She continued to smile, her eyes glossy with desire.


She slid herself over his cock, but still didn’t take him inside her.

“Two,” he bit out as she trailed her tongue along his collarbone.

“Three,” he counted, catching his breath as she nipped at the skin of his neck.

“Four,” he said, his hands clutching her hips. Fuck this. He skipped five and pushed himself home.